Redcliffe Street

Bristol - Redcliffe Street


For the project, we were chosen to work in partnership with Granada and ISG to deliver a whole office building comprising 14 floors, to be refurbished with Secondary Glazing. We were chosen based off our expertise and industry certifications. The job consisted of mostly all identical non-functional primary windows, with an arched top. As the windows required no access for opening, lift outs were used throughout as the most cost-effective solution. Another area in which our expertise was utilised to deliver to most cost-effective solution for our client, was to use 18mm mdf infills to fill the arches. Although a small section of the opening was therefore lost, this meant that individual panes of arched glass and casement were not required to be manufactured for the 1001 windows on this project, drastically reducing the cost. Granada also manufactured white aluminium caps to cover the existing steel window casements brown finish. This completely transformed the look of the primary windows and create a fresh modern office space.







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