Ashgate Road

Ashgate Road - Chesterfield


A residential project on a main road, the primary windows on the remaining original features the property which were well maintained – however massively underperforming in acoustic and thermal ratings as the primary windows were single-paned glass.

Secondary glazing was required to the front facing windows at the roadside. Our client wanted the secondary glazing to be as discreet as possible, which we achieved by carefully selecting best RAL colour match.

The bay window consisted of three box vertical sashes, for which we applied 2 differing styles. The outer two panes which the customer did require opening, we installed lift outs, whilst the central window we installed a heritage vertical tilt in balanced slider, which allowed them to still access and open the primary window. Upstairs where they had two adjoining vertical box sashes we gave the customer the option of either two separate vertical sliding systems or a single unit of horizontal sliding secondary glazing across both of the primary windows. In this case they opted for the horizontal slider as although this meant only one of the primary windows could be accessed at a time, it kept the overall costs down.







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