Web Design & Hosting

webdesign4How we differ from others is we are able to tailor everything to your own needs & unlike many others we give you complete ownership of your Domain & Email accounts. What does this mean? Well, if in the future, you decide to move your account elsewhere, obviously we would be sad to see you go but we understand your needs might change, you can! We would leave all your content in your ownership and help with the transfer process. Depending on where the site is to move, you may incur a ‘one off’ admin cost, to be brutally honest, you normally would. The most common charges being £30 – £50 and this is dependent on who your new service provider is and what they charge.

So, now we’ve established that we would never hold you to ransom, let’s talk about some of the processes.

  • Between use we decide the best domain name, check availability and secure
  • Now we need to talk about content, what your business is about and what content you want to deliver
  • Begin building the site, organise images, graphics and ownership

“Is it finished yet?”

Well, er, no. You see, there’s more to it than that. To use a rough analogy, you’ve coloured in the front cover of your book and now need to write the novel! Some people think that’s all they need to do, especially those who choose to use one of those ‘build a website quick’ software packages. What they miss is all the backend stuff, the magic that makes the site work for you. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for instance, making your site easier to find and appear further up the rankings, hopefully first! Other things to consider are your site might look good and work well on your computer screen but, will it work on a tablet or smartphone? What about the code you’ve used to make the site do those wonderful animations you like, they work for you but what about your audience. Sites might look great when using Microsoft Internet Explorer but what about Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari? What about security, how safe is your site, what if you’re the victim of a ‘Hack’ or ‘Cyber Attack’? What about accessibility and your legal obligations? If you don’t deal with all this and more, then what’s the point of your website, or did you just want to have one because your neighbour’s got one?!

As you can see from the graphic above, the design stage is not even half of what goes into making a website and making websites is just one of the things we do and we hope you’ll agree, we’re good at it!

If you feel we can help you, get in touch and let’s talk.