Self-Help Guides – Some ‘How-to’ tutorials

expert-adviceWe understand that sometimes customers like to have a try at solving their own problems. More often than not it gives an insight in to just how challenging some problems are to resolve and why they prefer to pay someone else to do it. Others like the challenge and the sense of satisfaction they get from doing it themselves. Others out of interest in the subject and those that might be feeling the credit crunch and need to try for themselves first.

We often have people turning up with their computer and instructions of how to fix it from a ‘Google search’ or from a colleague ‘who knows about computers’. The problem here is that more often than not they’ve been sent on a ‘fools errand’. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, it’s awash with misinformation. Unless you can verify your sources you may be given the wrong advice and in some cases, you may destroy your data or damage your computer. Hey, we’ve come across some so called professionals who believe everything they read on the internet so don’t feel bad if this has happened to you.

making computer1What we plan to do here is help you with genuine and real problems that occur with real professional solutions that work. How to repair a computer that is infected with the METROPOLITAN POLICE virus, (ransomware), for instance and even hardware issues. We will allow comments for others to offer solutions but they will be moderated and only published once we have verified they actually work.

We feel we are not giving away any so called ‘trade secrets’ but demonstrating our integrity and openness. If anything, it will give an insight into how complicated computers can be and that symptoms have many very different causes.

Over the next few weeks we hope to have an article on how to remove a virus like the one mentioned above to start the ball rolling. However, if you have any thoughts on what you would like other articles to contain, then please feel free to use our contact form with your suggestions. Until then, please take time to take part in our poll at the footer of this page, thank you.