Flat Roofs

A flat roof is a practical and cost effective solution for a home extension.

Unfortunately, conventional bitumen flat roofs will eventually leak due to lack of flexibility, weathering and failing joints.

Perfect Choice has the perfect flat roof solution. Firestone EPDM is used on commercial buildings all over the world because of its superior qualities and we’re delighted to be able to offer it to you.

Our Firestone EPDM flat roofs are guaranteed by the manufacturer against leakage for 20 years. They are installed in a single piece and they won’t split, will be unaffected by weathering and have no joints. In short, they give you total peace of mind. Plus you will have the Perfect Choice insurance backed 10 year guarantee.

Firestone EPDM is tough and withstands severe temperature fluctuations (-30°C to +100°C) with no sign of ageing. Unlike bitumen felt, it is UV stable, even under exposure to intense sunlight. In fact, Firestone EPDM roofs have survived the world’s toughest climates for over 30 years.

Installed by Perfect Choice, Firestone EPDM is clean and safe with no boiling bitumen during installation. Chippings are not needed so they won’t block your guttering or create unsightly mess.

So if Firestone EDPM sounds perfect for your flat roof, get in touch today!