Microsoft Windows 8

windows_8_compatible_logoNow you’ve probably heard all sorts of comments from various sources such as;

“Our customers don’t like it and neither do we!”

“It’s like Vista was, a mistake!”

So let’s think about it a little more. Microsoft have spent a great deal of money and investment here and yes, some say they might have missed a little with Vista but one thing is for sure, they won’t be making the same mistake twice!

When Microsoft began working on Windows Vista the world of computing was a different place, they had market lead and we all used our computers and laptops the same way. This was the way it had been since the early 1990’s. Suddenly broadband access improved and increased, we began using smartphones, along came the Blackberry and the Apple iPhone, even though there had already been Microsoft Windows Mobile phones  and Tablets with touch screens using Apps before they came along , now it wasn’t just the technically minded and business people using such devices. Suddenly Netbooks (those mini laptops) appeared which took off and really promoted the idea of mobile computing to all, particularly the rise of social media. This caused some problems for Microsoft, suddenly their new Operating System (O/S), Windows Vista, wouldn’t work on these mini, lightweight devices. For the first time, Microsoft wasn’t in the market place in this new arena. To top it all, they were about to retire the world’s most successful and popular O/S, Windows XP, which could work on these new devices. What were they to do? First they halted and extended support for the already ageing Windows XP. Began work on a new O/S, Windows 7 to fix any problems and bad press they had with Windows Vista. Now they have quickly re-joined and taken up their place as a serious contender in all fields of computing.

Yes the same ‘ne’er-do-well’ types that complain about Windows 8 said the same about Windows 7!

It’s a shame really as all they do is like to inflate their own self-importance and continue to miss-inform.

“Okay, why do they do this?”

The problem with the IT industry is it is in constant evolution, it just won’t stand still! Everyone seems to know someone that’s, ‘good with computers’, unfortunately, some of these people are normally pretty uneducated in the subject matter, enjoy their elevated status because they know only a little more than you, spread these rumours! Hey, we even know of some of these types setting up shop and continue to bluff their customers with the same miss-information just to sell very old stock. It seems to happen in all industries and their miss-information, we admit, is difficult to spot. We’ve all been taken in by these people at one time or another.
[tip…read Computer Healthcheck for some advice and look for membership of industry accreditation bodies]

Here’s a phrase we’ve heard from some of these people, “let me learn you about computers.”
(Ouch, the grammar!)

Right, let’s get back on track and stop what is starting to sound like a rant! 🙂

There are many operating systems out there, some have a niche position in the market place and do their job well. Look at Apple, Blackberry and Android (Linux type) operating systems. They all have their merits and all do their jobs well, some have a loyal customer base, some might say fanatic! For most of us, a good operating system is something that doesn’t get in the way, lets us get on with the job in hand.

Microsoft Windows 8 is one of these good, professional, operating systems. It works on all devices designed for it and therefore will soon be familiar that all, allowing us to get on with what they need to do without the operating system getting in the way. People don’t really care what operating system they’re using, they just want to get on the internet, write an email or write and print a document etc. and don’t care what device they’re using either. Here’s the good news about Microsoft Windows 8, for those who want the more familiar desktop that XP, Vista and 7 provided, it’s still there! With Microsoft Windows 8 it’s the tile called desktop, click on it and you have your familiar desktop. So, what’s the fuss all about?

Microsoft currently plan on keeping Windows 7 supported until 2020 and support for Windows 8 until 2023. Who knows how we’ll be using our devices by then, one thing you can rely on is that Microsoft won’t be going down without a fight and will be right there in the ‘thick of it’ and probably joined by some new players such as Google and others.

No one likes change but the IT industry is continually involving and improving. Keep an open mind and give Microsoft Windows 8 a fair test run, you’ll find it’s quick and easy to use. All our customers have soon come to love it and to reiterate, for those who prefer the ‘old familiar desktop’, it’s still there!