Media & Journalism

We work in a number of environments and since 1995 regularly in Television, Radio and Internet broadcasting. Including training fields where we’ve been able to put across difficult concepts and ideas. Empowering audiences to progress and achieve a highly polished, pleasurable and professional product.

With a keen eye on using existing and new technologies that fulfil needs simply and easily, we’ve been called upon to work either exclusively or collaboratively on a number of key projects, both in the commercial and training sectors. However, never losing sight of the end users needs and experience.

This unique insight that has won recognition and praise from a number of accreditation bodies such as, Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC), in this case with particular emphasis on technical elements required by today’s broadcast journalist.

autocueAlthough some activities have been with this media edge, not just IT, technical or electronic related, it’s our ability to transfer skills from other areas that have allowed us to take a unique perspective in dealing with challenges head-on, ending with a satisfying logical conclusion.

We work a great deal with other businesses, organisations and individuals. Helping them with not only their technical requirements but also any of their marketing needs including corporate videos, show reels and any other media related issues including websites.

‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’

We’re always called upon to help deal with a crisis or media representation. Don’t be fooled by other such offerings, this isn’t a media course, this is real world ‘hard-nosed’ journalism with a real seasoned journalist dealing with tough and real issues. On a day with us, what you won’t do is spend a morning on ‘such trivia’ as, what to wear! You know what we mean. We’ll treat you like ‘grown-ups’ and you’ll end your day after a series of differing interviews with detailed feedback straight after every section, tired, entertained and enlightened. Taking what you have learned in to other arenas from the boardroom to public meetings, to dealing with someone over the counter. Not forgetting, of course, when you’re sure you’re able, a journalist!



In the real world you may well be swamped by the speed of the media response. We can replicate the pressure your people will be under – what do you do when you haven’t got all the facts? What do you do when information is coming in from other sources? When do you face the media? How do you react to unforeseen changes in the media attack? Have you got enough trained spokespeople to appear honest, open, and helpful while limiting the potential damage?

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