Problems with Technology

spannerWith all fields of technology advancing all the time it’s becoming difficult for us all to keep a grip on things. In some cases, we buy another product (or gadget) to do a job that could have been done by what we already have. If only we understood these things better?

Things aren’t really that difficult, rather than thinking about the technology, think about what it is you want to do?

Most devices require some sort of internet access.

“Do I have to watch BBC iPlayer on my small computer screen, I would love to watch it on my 50 inch TV?”

From there it’s normally about synchronising data.

“Why don’t the contacts on my mobile match those on Computers at home?” or “Is the document on the device I’m working on the latest version?” or worse, “This isn’t the presentation I was working on!”tick

That’s where we come in!

We can sort out all these problems for you, with real advice on what’s needed and where to go for any extra purchases if, and only if required. The difference is, we’ll give you solid practical advice with solutions that work for you!