DATA Recovery

imagesCA6RLHT9We are called upon a number of times to help with DATA recovery.

What has happened is that customers have taken their computer to a repair shop only to have their precious DATA wiped, family photos and documents gone!

“How can this happen?”

Well it appears that some computer engineers decide that to resolve a problem they must reinstall the Operating System (O/S). Why? Because it’s easier for them and the attitude is “The customer should have backed-up their own data….not my problem if they haven’t!”backupdata2

It is common for these guys to use this “sledge hammer to crack a nut” approach because they are either too lazy and resort to short-cuts, lack knowledge, decide they’ve spent too much time and it’s no longer worth their while or just don’t care.

It is only fair to point that we are all human and mistakes do happen, this is an unfortunate fact of life. Always remind who ever is repairing your computer that your DATA is important to you and for them to please BACK-UP all your DATA, including your emails. If they care enough, they will ask you first and be willing to offer this, providing you haven’t got a huge amount of DATA, as part of the service.datarecovery2

Sometimes DATA cannot be restored, although there are specialised laboratories with clean rooms that do offer the ability to recover up to 97% from a failed Hard Disc Drive (HDD). BUT this is expensive, often £500 or more and best avoided by regularly backing up your own important DATA.